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West Side Happenings This Month.

Vietnam Veterans of America Jim Hinde Chapter 102 Seattle Washington, check what’s going on.

Jim Hinde Memorial Chapter 102 Seattle


East Side Happenings This Month



 Fact Sheet 20-02 Emergency Care in Non-VA Facilities


Emergency Care in NonVAFacility






VVA State Council Announcement

The Washington State Council of Vietnam Veterans of America is looking for volunteers   interested in becoming accredited “Veteran Service Officers”. Once trained and accreditedyour Veteran Service Officer work would primarily be based in the general Spokane Washington area.  


  1. Honorably Discharged Veteran
  2. Veterans Family Member
  3. Non-Military, with a strong desire and commitment to assist Veterans of all branches and era of service, are also considered for Veteran Service Officer training.  

More detailed information available on request.

Please contact at email address: Oldjuveniled@comcast.net

Jim Daugherty

V.P. WA. State Council

Vietnam Veterans of America





Service Officer








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